$250K savings in fuel costs per year!

Destiny Resources saves over $250K on fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.

That is such an amazing stat!  We know that most companies will look at that number and think that there is no way they could save much per year.  But this is factual.  And they are seeing an amazing return on investment with the implementation of a solution called Fleet Complete.

Destiny Resources has a fleet of 100 vehicles and drives over 4 million kilometers per year so your fleet may be a bit smaller.  However, let VMR show you how these numbers would translate into savings for your fleet.  We think you’ll be surprised with the results.

Have a look at this quick video to see how they did it.

Contact thesolutions sales department at VMR today (250-475-2425) to book a demo or simply for some additional information.  We can dispatch one of our agents to come to your office, or have you come to ours to see a live, real time demo from our show room at 3300 Tennyson Ave here in Victoria.