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Android apps on Blackberry! September 16, 2015

Great News!

The Android app capability is now on BlackBerry with today’s OS update! Once you have updated the BlackBerry OS to 10.2.1 on your device, this will work. We just installed and used it, just downloaded Netflix!

Here is how to get set up:
– On your device browser go to
– Tap on any app
– Tap “Install”
– Save it
– Open it
– Change your device settings when prompted to “Allow”
– Tap “Back”
– Tap “Install”
– Tap “Accept”
– Open the app and you are in business!!


Telus Link September 16, 2015

Welcome to LINK, the best new push-to-talk service in the market, and powered by TELUS’ 4G network.

TELUS Link is the next generation Push To Talk (PTT) service that enables instant voice communication, so you can reach individuals and groups quickly and efficiently from coast-to-coast. Plus, roam with confidence in the US and internationally, and even enhance coverage with PTT over Wi-Fi.

Faster, Further

Save time by connecting in less than one second anywhere on the TELUS 4G network, which covers 97% of Canada’s population from coast-to-coast *.

Boost productivity with Canada’s only PTT service with access to lightning-fast 4G LTE data speeds. Stay connected and do more in more places while roaming in the US and internationally. Plus, enjoy enhanced coverage with PTT over Wi-Fi.

PTT Now on More Devices

Connect on a broad range of PTT enabled devices and compatible smartphones, including iOS 7, Android and the BlackBerry® 9900 smartphone. Or work in virtually any environment on the Samsung Galaxy Rugby™ LTE smartphone.

Coming soon, add TELUS Link to a BlackBerry 10 device.

So if you’re looking for the latest in PTT solutions and would like a no-obligation demo and price quote Click Here to let us know.  We’ll get right back to you to arrange both!

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GPS Tracking September 16, 2015


Do you want your company to be more efficient?  More profitable?  Increase customer satisfaction?  We do too!  That’s why we’re convinced that Fleet Complete is the ideal solution for your fleet of vehicles or equipment.

Fleet Complete is a full functional GPS Tracking Solution.  They have been partnered with Telus for over 9 years now and have over 65,000 tracking units deployed in Canada!

It offers:
  • Real time fleet management
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Vehicle maintenance system
  • Increased company revenues

For as little as $35/month and no upfront installation or equipment costs, you could realize the full power of a GPS tracking solution!Tweet: Check out this GPS tracking solution at @victoria_mobile

If you would like to have a look at how this solution might be right for your business, CLICK HERE!

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Holiday Offers September 15, 2015

Happy Holidays!

It can be a daunting task to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list this time of year.  So we’ve put together some offers with some of the hottest gift ideas this year right here at your finger-tips!

holiday offer 2013

1. The iPad Mini.  Now $0 with the new TELUS easy Tablet.  Simply select your tablet, select your data plan which can be as low as $5/month, select the easy tab option which will add $20/month to your TELUS bill and that’s it!

2. The  Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is now $0 on a 2 year term.  This is the top O/S globally and yours for $0!

3. Want a free 42″ LG Smart TV?  Simply sign up for TELUS Optik TV and Internet bundle and we’ll make it happen!  There are so many amazing features with Optik you have to check it out.  How about the remote app feature so you can set your PVR from your TELUS smartphone for starters?  One PVR for your household and you can watch recorded programming from any set top box?  Incredible!!

4. Rest assured that we will match any competitors advertised device price!  Yep, it’s the TELUS device price match promise and it’s here at VMR!

5. We can now postdate your new phone activation!  When you purchase it now, you can schedule the activation of your new phone so you don’t start paying your bill until that date.  Perfect for Christmas gifting!

For these and other amazing holiday offers please drop in and see us or call by phone at 250-475-2425

Please note…prices are subject to change.

Mobilizing Your Office September 15, 2015

Maximize office efficiency! Create a more flexible workforce!  Boost your customer satisfaction rating!

These all sound great don’t they?  So how do you accomplish them?

Maybe it’s time to look at your overall communications system within your business.  With our free consultation, we can help you analyze your communications, breakdown what is and isn’t working and determine areas you can improve in order to create efficiencies.  We can help you explore ways to merge your cellular system with your office phone system.  The results with that can be quite amazing in terms of increasing customer service levels, employee satisfaction and overall office productivity.  In some cases, there are also cost savings!

With IP Office from Avaya, you can communicate like never before.  Respond immediately.  Share information, anytime, anywhere, via any device.  You’ll have the power of a unified communications system that connects everyone-your people, your customers, your partners.  It’s a system that’s incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple to use.  Here are a few ways IP Office can help:

  • Flexible Mobility.  Bring full desktop communications to your iPhone or Android Smartphone.
  • Your tablet, your business phone.  Now you can make and receive business calls right from your Apple iPad device.  Check your colleages presence and instant messgae to stay connected.
  • Video Collaboration.  From a built in HD video softphone and mobile video applications to full room-based video conferencing, Avaya delivers powerful video options proven to enhance productivity.
  • Your company directory in the palm of your hand.  Instant access to all your contacts.  Call, email, IM and check presence for more meaningful collaboration.
  • Set up, manage conference calls from your smartphone.  Take full control of conference calls.  Tap to add, mute or disconnect callers just as if you were at your desk.
  • Take your phone extension with you.  Calls to your office ring on any designated device so you never miss a call.
  • Choose your power tools.  Each employee has different communications requirements.  IP Office is scalable to meet your specific needs.

These are only a few ways IP Office can help you with your communications needs.  The first step is to gather the information.  We, at VMR, can demonstrate the system and help you understand to value of IP Office.

For more information please feel free to contact us directly.

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Roaming add-ons September 15, 2015

Traveling outside of Canada and need to add a roaming plan onto your cell phone plan?  We can help!

As much as the carriers try to simplify this process so you can determine exactly what you need, it can still be a bit confusing. It can depend on whether your account is consumer, business or corporate, which country or  ‘zone’ you’re traveling into and for how long, and whether you need voice, data or texting capabilities while you’re away.

We’d like to help make it simple for you.  Simply click on one of the following buttons depending on where you are traveling.  Determine which roaming package you’ll need, then please let us know and we’ll add it to your account:)  Or you can call directly to TELUS as a free call from your cell phone at *611 and they can add it for you.



If you get anywhere along the way, please let us know!  Our office # is 250-475-2425

Happy travels!

TELUS Mobility September 15, 2015

Now Push To Talk connects your team members faster, in more places, on more devices.

Apple iPhones
Apple iPhones

The iPhone is Apple's flagship product. Simple, reliable, and extremely powerful.


Android is the world's most popular mobile platform. With Android you can use all the Google apps you know and love, plus there are more than 600,000 apps and games available on Google Play to keep you entertained.


Blackberry has been the industry standard "business device" for years... and for good reason!


Tablets are an amazing way to have all the power of your office with you while you're out. Collaboration made simple!

Basic Phones
Basic Phones

Here you'll find all of the great cell phones that typically wont require you to have a data plan. Great for texting and voice calling.

Wireless Internet
Wireless Internet

Tools that allow you the freedom to access the high speed (4G) Mobile Internet anywhere you go.

In-Building Coverage Enhancements
In-Building Coverage Enhancements

Spotwave's intelligent cell phone signal boosters/repeater systems improve coverage for cell phones, PDAs and wireless devices where they are being used more often - in homes and small offices.

Kenwood Land Mobile Radios September 15, 2015

View a Master List of all our Kenwood Analog Products, or choose from the options below.

Kenwood Analog
Kenwood Analog

Kenwood Analog Master List. Mobile and Portable Radios, and Repeaters.

Analog Portable Radios

Analog Mobile Radios

Analog Repeaters

View a Master List of all our Kenwood Nexedge Products, or choose from the options below.

Kenwood Nexedge
Kenwood Nexedge

Kenwood Nexedge Master List. A line of Digital Portable and Mobile Radios, and Repeaters.

Nexedge Portable Radios

Nexedge Mobile Radios

Nexedge Repeaters

Kenwood Nexedge Network Overview
Kenwood Nexedge Network Overview

Explore the Nexedge Network. From coverage to network details, all right here at your fingertips!

View a Master List of all our Kenwood DMR Products, or choose from the options below.

Kenwood DMR
Kenwood DMR

Kenwood DMR Master List. Featuring Portables, Mobiles and Repeaters.

DMR Portable Radios

DMR Mobile Radios

DMR Repeaters

ICOM Land Mobile Radios September 15, 2015
ICOM Portable Radios
ICOM Portable Radios

ICOM's line of portable radios

ICOM Mobile Radios
ICOM Mobile Radios

ICOM's line of mounted mobile radios

ICOM Repeaters
ICOM Repeaters

ICOM's line of signal repeaters

GPS Tracking September 15, 2015
Fleetcomplete- GPS Fleet Tracking
Fleetcomplete- GPS Fleet Tracking

Efficiency is important in a fleet of vehicles. Each time a vehicle goes out on the road, it is expensive. There is the risk of waste that may be incurred in the form of fuel, unnecessary mileage and unproductive time. Fleet Complete Fleet Tra [...]

Fleetcomplete- Asset Tracker
Fleetcomplete- Asset Tracker

No matter what business you are in, missing, lost or stolen assets can cost you time and money. Asset Tracker enables you to track and manage your high-value assets; helping you to save money and run your business more effectively. Whether you [...]

DataLink- DataGate
DataLink- DataGate

DataGate is Datalink's core software product - the server component of our tracking solution known as DataNET. At its heart, DataGate is a data routing hub that passes data from multiple wireless networks to and from end users around the globe [...]