Blackberry State of the Union

Whether you use one now, have in the past, or plan on using one in the future, you’ve surely all heard the media scuttle about Canada’s beloved company, Blackberry. Fact or Fiction? Hard to tell sometimes, right? This ‘State of the Union’ session will be the perfect venue for you to hear directly from Blackberry and give you valuable, factual information about the company’s current state as well as what it has in store, and hopefully answer some of those burning questions you’ve had in your head.

Some of what we’ll cover:

  • Blackberry update/state of the union
  • BES 10/MDM overview
  • Cal’s/licensing
  • BES 10 cloud overview
  • Technology Q & A

Victoria Mobile Radio is hosting this event and bringing in Jeff Hamilton from Blackberry to present to you from center stage in the Viatec Lounge. We’re looking for this to be an interactive session with plenty of Q&A opportunities for attendees.

As this is a lunch time event, it will be catered and we will be raffling off a Blackberry Z30 to one lucky person!   


VIATeC/Accelerate Tectoria Lounge


2659 Douglas Street, Victoria BC V8T 4M3