Business Roaming Made Simple

Skip the pre-flight call with TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S.

The last thing you want to think about before you travel to the United States is calling TELUS. With TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S., you add the package one time for $2/month per subscriber and you’re ready to roam anytime without the need to contact us to let us know you are traveling.

TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S. provides access to great roaming rates for voice, data and text while traveling in the United States.

How it works:

1. Add Telus Business Roam Ready U.S. for $2/month per subscriber

2. If you use data, you will pay $35/month for 350MB.  If you go over, you will receive another flex tier of 350MB for an additional $35. (eg. $35 for up to 350MB, $70 for up to 700MB, $105 for up to 1050MB and so on)

3. When you make or receive a call, you will only pay $0.35/min and get excellent savings over our standard rate of $1.50/minute (77% in savings)

4. Unlimited incoming texts are included

5. Once you send your first text, you will pay $10 for unlimited outgoing texts.


Get TELUS Business Roam Ready US by visiting Victoria Mobile Radio or calling TELUS today at *611 from your TELUS mobile phone or 1-866-558-2273.