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iPhone Wi-Fi Calling December 13, 2016
Wi-Fi Calling is an iPhone feature that allows you to call and message...
Generational shift brings two radio companies together February 17, 2016
Victoria Mobile Radio Ltd. acquires Barney’s Electronics Service...
Top iPhone Tips December 2, 2015
Life is hard enough without having to factor in modern technology. The...
CREW CONNECT Nexedge System September 17, 2015
Victoria Mobile Radio initiated the design and installation of an Nexe...
iPhone 6 September 16, 2015
What’s new with the   4.7″ iPhone 6 and 5.5″ iP...
Business Roaming Made Simple September 16, 2015
Skip the pre-flight call with TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S. The last ...
Iridium GO! is now available at Victoria Mobile Radio September 16, 2015
LTR Coverage September 16, 2015
Android apps on Blackberry! September 16, 2015
Great News! The Android app capability is now on BlackBerry with today...
Telus Link September 16, 2015
Welcome to LINK, the best new push-to-talk service in the market, and ...
GPS Tracking September 16, 2015
  Do you want your company to be more efficient?  More profitabl...
Holiday Offers September 15, 2015
Happy Holidays! It can be a daunting task to find that perfect gift fo...
Mobilizing Your Office September 15, 2015
Maximize office efficiency! Create a more flexible workforce!  Boost ...
Roaming add-ons September 15, 2015
Traveling outside of Canada and need to add a roaming plan onto your c...
TELUS Mobility September 15, 2015
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Kenwood Land Mobile Radios September 15, 2015
View a Master List of all our Kenwood Analog Products, or choose from ...
ICOM Land Mobile Radios September 15, 2015
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GPS Tracking September 15, 2015
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Data Radio & Broadband September 15, 2015
Broadband Solutions   Data Radio Solutions    
Satellite Phone & Internet September 15, 2015
Telus Business Connect VoIP September 15, 2015
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TELUS TV & Internet September 15, 2015
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Blackberry State of the Union September 15, 2015
Whether you use one now, have in the past, or plan on using one in the...
$250K savings in fuel costs per year! February 22, 2013
Destiny Resources saves over $250K on fuel consumption and vehicle mai...
The Blackberry Z10 is finally here! February 6, 2013
We’ve been waiting for the much anticipated Blackberry 10 device...
Happy New Year! January 1, 2013
The staff of VMR would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!
Samsung Handset Sale!!! December 6, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 and more on sale untill the 12th!!
iPhone 4S FREE until November 11! October 31, 2012
Come on in to VMR to take advantage of this amazing deal!
Check out these amazing new Rate plans! October 23, 2012
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