DataLink- DataGate

DataGate is Datalink’s core software product – the server component of our tracking solution known as DataNET. At its heart, DataGate is a data routing hub that passes data from multiple wireless networks to and from end users around the globe.

Product Description


  • Self-contained solution installed on customer’s network
  • Embedded web server for user mapping, messaging and configuration
  • Multiple wireless network interfaces
  • Works with static and dynamic IP addressing
  • Integrates with legacy systems and third-party programs
  • Optional email server, SMS interface, and AES-256 encryption

SMS, GPRS, CDMA, VHF/UHF/800 MHz Mobile Radio, Spread Spectrum, Inmarsat C/BGAN/D+, Globalstar (Duplex and Simplex), MSV, Iridium

Third-Party Integration
DataGate can connect to third-party systems using UDP or TCP connections, XML web services or SQL databases.