Roaming add-ons

Traveling outside of Canada and need to add a roaming plan onto your cell phone plan?  We can help!

As much as the carriers try to simplify this process so you can determine exactly what you need, it can still be a bit confusing. It can depend on whether your account is consumer, business or corporate, which country or  ‘zone’ you’re traveling into and for how long, and whether you need voice, data or texting capabilities while you’re away.

We’d like to help make it simple for you.  Simply click on one of the following buttons depending on where you are traveling.  Determine which roaming package you’ll need, then please let us know and we’ll add it to your account:)  Or you can call directly to TELUS as a free call from your cell phone at *611 and they can add it for you.



If you get anywhere along the way, please let us know!  Our office # is 250-475-2425

Happy travels!